Would you like to volunteer?

About You:

You are a sewer with access to a sewing machine, sewing tools (scissors, pins, etc.), and time on your hands to dedicate to sewing masks for an excellent cause. Our design and production leads will supply sewing kits for 20 masks that contain everything you will need to produce 20 masks. We are currently recruiting new volunteers.

How many do I have to make?

We ask that you commit to sewing a minimum of 20 masks, and we estimate between six to fifteen minutes to sew each mask depending on your proficiency. However, if you can sew more, 100, 200, 300 upwards would be very welcome.

About FTC Masks

We know there are many different patterns and designs—a Google search brings up pages of them. The selection process involved our designer producing 100 masks and testing them with local health professionals. Based on global research (including studies from Cambridge and Stirling universities), best practices, and the preferred mask of our local health care professionals, we have selected a simple pleated,three-layered mask that hooks behind both ears.

FTC Mask description

Our masks are constructed using 100% high-thread-count cotton fabric with an inner layer for added protection, pleats for an easy fit, elastic ear wings, and a wire-nose-bridge for added comfort.

Mask Construction

Materials provided

The following materials are required to make a FTC Mask. Please note sewing kits containing these materials are provided to our volunteer sewers.

Fabric (outside) Any new solid colour or patterned fabric (not recycled):

  • 100% cotton fabric (minimum 350 thread count) preferred

Fabric (inside) Any new light colour fabric (white or cream - not recycled):

  • 100 % cotton fabric (minimum 350 thread count)

Fabric (middle protective layer) (not recycled):

  • 100% cotton fabric (minimum 350 thread count) any colour

Elastic 2 x 7.5” long pieces per mask any colour:

  • 1/4 inch wrapped woven elastic

Nose Bridge 6” long piece per mask:

  • Pipe cleaners

Thread (not supplied in sewing kit)

  • 100% cotton, silk finish— preferred
  • Polyester

Yes! I'd like to volunteer!

    Which supplies do you have
    Outside fabricInside fabricMiddle fabricElasticPipe cleaners or heavy duty twist tiesThread


    We’re a small team with lots of energy. Email us at with questions or if you need help and one of us will respond as quickly as possible. We really hope you’ll volunteer to sew masks and join the movement to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and flatten the curve.

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